Was Sizwe Dhlomo Forced To Play AKA’s Music On His Radio Show?

Was Sizwe Dhlomo forced to play AKA’s music on his radio show? This question has been buzzing on the lips of many across Mzansi after a tweep made the claim on Twitter.

Sizwe Dhlomo and AKA had a feud and are reportedly not friends. This was probably the basis for the claim he was forced to play AKA’s songs at Kaya FM, where he took a new job recently.

A Twitter user who goes by the handle @tuesdaythe12th had claimed that the playing of AKA’s music wasn’t by Sizwe Dhlomo’s choice, but by coercion. In response, Sizwe Dhlomo had said that everything is his choice. He then urged the tweep to ask him about it. Well, the tweep never did.

By the way, back in June, we had reported news of Sizwe Dhlomo’s plans to join Kaya FM as an afternoon drive-in host.  Also, apparently, the radio host is against alcohol. In fact, he had asked AKA in late June to drop his Cruz Vodka AKA Watermelon and start selling watermelon the fruit.

What do you think of the claim Sizwe Dhlomo was forced to play AKA’s songs at Kaya FM and Sizwe Dhlomo’s response? You are welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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