Watch Azealia Banks’s Wynwood Pride Festival Misadventutre

No one wants to be screwed. But what happens after you feel you have been screwed? For Azealia Banks, the best way is to register your frustrations and then storm off the stage.

The songstress had been co-opted to headline the Wynwood Pride Festival. She showed up two hours late for the event. And then she had made it clear that she wasn’t happy to be headlining the event. She accused the event organisers of unprofessionalism.

She said she was trying but doesn’t want to be on the stentireage there. Her audio was cut off then, and she tossed the microphone and stormed out of the podium.

Her action elicited wild booing from the audience. But the songstress didn’t mind. She was done, and that was it for it. Her storming off wasn’t the only issue that snapped the attention of concertgoers, though.

She had turned up in an ambitious cut dress that fully exposed her breasts at some point. You can check out the clips below.

Besides the Wynwood Pride Festival misadventure, somehow, her feud with Iggy Azalea was also a subject of social media interrogation. Azealia doesn’t rate Iggy as a singer and thinks the Australian. She thinks the Australian had woentiren most things because she’s white.

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