Watch Blood & Water Stars, “Thabang” And “Ama” Rap Challenge Judged By Nasty C

Thabang & Ama Slug it out in Blood & Water Rap Challenge judged by Nasty C

Netflix South Africa has got fans purring with pleasure over its “Blood and Water” challenged judged by the Zuluman with Some Power and the de facto Coolest Kid in Africa, Nasty C.

The challenges pits against Ama. The video of it, which has got over 80k views on YouTube, will keep you on your feet declaiming your support for the artiste for whom your heart beats. It is that engaging.

Both artistes did remarkably, as did the judge, so whether you are emotionally invested in the challenge or not, you will surely be entertained. The rap skills of both artistes are irreproachable.

Thabang & Ama may not be buzzing at the top of the trends right now, but with their sterling performance on the “Blood & Water” circuit, it is impossible not to envisage a brilliant music careers for them

They are on to something grand; one just has to give them that. The coming months should be revealing.

How would you rate the performance of Thabang & Ama, anyway? Did the pair kill it? We invite you to watch the duo drop their bars in the accompanying video and share your thoughts in the comments.

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