Watch Nasty C’s Live Performance of “Palm Trees” & “How Many Times”

From the videos, it is clear , who calls himself the Coolest Kid in Africa, is a fine performer. Both videos might activate the exuberant part of you. So if it feels like boredom is about to take you for its own, just check out both videos and see what happens. The experience is what to remember

So far, of the two videos, “How Many Times” has had the most user engagement. Will “Palm Trees” pick up and surpass “How Many Times” in YouTube views count in the coming months? Time will tell

By the way, both clips drop amidst DJ Speedsta’s claim that he gave his first spotlight. The two artistes have been having a back and forth. DJ Speedsta thinks has forgotten his humble beginnings and has become arrogant. On his part, thinks the DJ is an attention-seeking clout chaser.

How would you rate ’s performance, though? You might want to check our both live performances in the embedded videos below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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