Wordz Celebrates Appearance As Feature On Apple Music Rap Life Africa This Month

South African rapper Wordz has just recorded a significant career milestone with his feature as the artist for this month’s Rap Life Africa.

The platform showcases some of the top rap voices in Africa each month. Yes, each month, a new face pops on the list, bringing fans of the platform and Apple Music, in general, a chance to see some impactful artists around the continent – in rotation.

The significance of the Rap Life Africa feature wasn’t lost on words, who had earlier this year noted that he would be more active on the music scene. He has kept to his word, and the rewards have been pretty good. the latest feature is just one of several examples.

in a post on his official Instagram page, the songster had shared a post amplifying his win and noting that the love he has been receiving has been nothing short of amazing. He also used the opportunity to let his fans know his latest drop and the need to check the same out. His post follows.

By next month, a new artist will be on the pedestal that Wordz currently occupies, giving a shot to others who are currently doing things for the culture

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