Wordz Speaks On The CashTime Vs. TWC Debate

Mzansi rapper Wordz has shared his thoughts on the mind-boggling debate surrounding CashTime and TWC’s impact on SA Hip Hop.

We have all followed the debate on social media about who had the most impact on the SA Hip Hop scene between CashTime and The Wrecking Crew. Fans have gone back and forth on the matter, but no one seems to be prevailing.

In a recent chat on Slikouronlife, Wordz was asked to share his thoughts on the debate. He stated that both crews had a significant impact on the game.

“I think it will be an ongoing debate because there are old people, old heads who like CashTime, there are new people that like TWC,”

He continued, “So no matter what anybody says, whether CashTime or TWC, the debate will be ongoing because we all had an impact. Maybe others would have maybe had an impact on the dressings or whatever, but the impact was there and till today’s impact is here. So we can’t disregard TWC.”

“CashTime, I won’t disregard that you know, they were so amazing, Caracara I used to hear those stuff and at that time we were looking at them, we were not even in the game. So people need to also consider that,”

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