Worried Pearl Modiadie Talks “Proper Gym Etiquette” Following Recent Negative Experience

Pearl Modiadie On Parenting Her Son Lewatle

South African actress and media personality Pearl Modiadie has shared her thoughts on what she considers proper gym etiquette.

In a recent tweet on her official page, she noted that she is uncomfortable with the cameras people carry about and record themselves with at the gym. According to her. The way things are, she is not even sure if and when the cameras are pointing at her. And this makes her uncomfortable.

Now, she noted that she is looking to have a gym at home, which should eliminate the risk of anyone surreptitiously recording her while she is working out. But, apparently, she could also do with the gym where she currently works out to find a solution to the problem, so she mentioned them.

The gym rendered a subtle apology while also clarifying that cameras are not allowed in some areas, including around the poll, and one of the managers sees to that. The gym further noted that Pearl should reach out if she has further issues to straighten out. You can check out the tweets below.

By the way, Pearl recently snagged attention, when she flaunted her new man on Instagram, provoking a debate on why she should settle with a much older man.