Yahoo Embraces Attention Metrics to Attract Advertisers in 2024

New Partnerships and Innovations Set to Revolutionize Programmatic Advertising

In a strategic move to captivate more advertisers in 2024, Yahoo Australia is intensifying its focus on data and measurement offerings. Central to this initiative is a groundbreaking partnership with Amplified Intelligence, aiming to enhance the attention effectiveness measurement of advertising campaigns.

Yahoo’s flagship product, Yahoo DSP, which facilitates media buyers in bidding for, purchasing inventory, managing their acquisitions, and tracking their advertisements, is set to benefit from this collaboration. The DSP platform, already equipped with attention optimization features from entities like Playground XYZ and Adelaide, is poised to receive a significant capability boost.

The integration of Amplified Intelligence’s attentionPROVE solution will position Yahoo as the pioneering Australian demand-side platform (DSP) that empowers advertisers to gauge attention across their programmatic advertising endeavors. This enhancement aligns seamlessly with Yahoo’s existing collaborations with Flybuys Unpacked and Lucid by Cint, focusing on sales and brand awareness measurements.

Andrew Gilbert, Director of Platforms AUSEA at Yahoo, highlighted that major agency holding companies are already leveraging Amplified Intelligence’s data in their planning processes. He emphasized, “Introducing programmatic measurement offers a substantial opportunity for them to transcend mere high-level planning and gain profound insights into their programmatic investments across diverse platforms like desktop, mobile, tablet, and Connected TV.”

Despite challenging market conditions, Yahoo reported a 43% surge in omnichannel expenditure in 2023 and a notable 68% increment in BVOD spending. The tech giant also unveiled new server-to-server integrations for Yahoo Backstage, its direct access to publisher supply offering, which also collaborates with CTV providers. Partnerships with FreeWheel and Magnite are set to grant advertisers access to an expanded premium CTV inventory. Additionally, a collaboration with Publica by IAS is in the pipeline, aiming to enhance transparency and efficiency in CTV purchases.

While Yahoo’s editorial brands, including Yahoo News, Yahoo Sport, Yahoo Finance, and Yahoo Lifestyle, witnessed limited announcements, there’s a buzz about ramping up coverage on pressing global issues like the environmental crisis. Julia Edwards, Commercial Director, Yahoo AUSEA, expressed, “Our editors at Yahoo News harness data, expert insights, and real-world instances to enlighten readers and spur action. We firmly believe in the transformative power of storytelling.”

Incorporating these innovations and partnerships, Yahoo is not only setting the stage for a transformative 2024 in the advertising realm but also reinforcing its commitment to delivering value to both advertisers and audiences.

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