Zimbabwean Gospel Musician David “Diva” Mafunga Is Dead

It is often said that if wishes were horses, beggars could ride. And if people could live forever, they would gladly see to that. But that is not possible in this time and age. Death is inevitable. Sadly death has just taken the Zimbabwean gospel musician Diva Mafunga.

David “Diva” Mafunga died from injuries sustained in a road accident on Tuesday morning. He had reportedly performed at a gala at Chpinge and was headed elsewhere when the accident happened.

His son confirmed his death but didn’t give details about possible burial arrangements yet.

Since the news of his death broke, it has been raining condolences from his native Zimbabwe and other countries, as fans and associates share their thoughts about his passing. It was a shocking incident to many.

Mafunga’s associate and fellow gospel musician Charles Charamba also confirmed the tragic incident, noting it was indeed a shock to him. He described the late musician as a good and dependable companion with a demonstrable love for God. You can check out his post below.

Burial arrangements will be announced by the family shortly. So, stay tuned for that. Mafunga will be missed for his contributions to gospel music in Zimbabwe.

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