Q Twins “Iqiniso” EP Review

A Review Of Q Twins' New "Iqiniso" EP

Q Twins “Iqiniso” EP Review

Q Twins returns to the scene with a brand new EP titled “Iqiniso,” they’re ready to shake up the airwaves like they used to.

The story of the Q Twins’ rise to superstardom will never be forgotten. They have shredded off the skin from their time on the Idols SA show and become sure hitmakers in their own might. While you may say that their time there defined their rise, it would be nice to point out that their talent has kept them in view.

November last year, the ladies blessed fans with the EP “Words Of Hope.” The project housed six tracks and featured a few hitmakers. This year, they have mostly appeared as a featured act in songs by some of the country’s biggest stars, including Duncan, Sjava, and DJ Tira.

We loved the work they did with DJ Tira. They appeared alongside Murumba Pitch and Skillz in the music video for his song “Korobela.” They also featured in the video for Sjava’s song “Isoka” alongside Mzukulu. It is nice to see the girls back on the scene with their own music. They continue to shine with the new EP.

Cover Art

It wouldn’t be correct to say that the Q Twins are creative with their cover art. Since the days of their debut album, “The Gift Of Love,” which dropped in 2020, we have only seen them as the focus on their project covers. The only thing that changes about the photos is their pose.

In the new “Iqiniso” EP, they continue the same format, which always works for them. This time, they hold hands together, showing off their perfect manicures, and stare in the same direction. The photo sort of gives the feeling that their hearts are one and always beat the same. That would be a great deal to their fans.

One of the best things about the new “Iqiniso” EP is that it was made to be enjoyed by their fans. While they didn’t promote the EP with any singles, it has been well-received by fans, and some of the songs are already getting more love than others.

The EP’s title track, “Iqiniso,” seems to be making the most impression on fans. It is followed by “Ikhosomba,” a song in which they rode solo, like the title track. “Sizonyuka” featuring Prince Bulo and “Akuphelanga” featuring Xowla and DJ Tira have also been doing well, earning love from the fans.

Tracklist & Features

The last time the Q Twins dropped an EP was in November 2022. The EP housed six tracks and featured guest artists on all but two tracks. However, they did things differently this time. While the length of the “Iqiniso” EP remained the same as the previous one, the guest acts only contributed to two songs on the EP while the ladies did all the work themselves.

The guest contributors include the popular hitmakers Prince Bulo, Xowla and the Afrotainment boss, DJ Tira. We love how well DJ Tira has supported their careers since they made their debut on the scene.


Track NameDuration
1Sizonyuka (feat. Prince Bulo)4:51
2Akuphelanga (feat. Xowla & DJ Tira)4:49


What is there not to love about the Q Twins? The beautiful ladies have such a calm spirit, which is evident in their songs. You can always tell that they are in sync every time they sing. With the new “Iqiniso” EP, they gave their fans what they have been yearning for: a perfect Q Twins EP.

Their vocals on the project were also top notch. They proved yet again that they will always be known for their incredible vocal delivery. You might want to listen to the project if you haven’t.