List Of Free South African Free Mp3 Download Websites

Here is a list of South African music website where you can get music for free downloads

  1. Slikouronlife
  2. Hitvibes


Slikouronlife has personal and direct relationship with music artists, the owner of the online music platform used to be a music artists as part of a popular hip-hop group known as and he understands the ethics of music distribution, you can be sure that all music offered for free downloads on this platform are legally sourced by to be available for the website visitors. We understand that artists get paid for free downloads on the platform but we are unable to confirm that. The platform offer a whole range of content in form of interviews, artists breakout, news and consultancy. focuses only on Hip-hop music. To download on slikouronlife, visit the website download section here: Slikouronlife


Hitvibes is another relatively reputable website that offers free music download, the owners of this website follows almost all South African artists on their social media and is able to get first-hand download/buy/stream link when a new song is out, the website editors also use other sources such as direct contact with artists. The website basically does what music fans are supposed to do, this way it is able to aggregate all latest music release information and make it available on the website, you will find a mix of free download, streaming and paid download links on Hitvibes. The website is know as one of the best when it comes to music reviews and music content creations. Unlike Slikouronlife, Hitvibes does more than only hip-hop music, you can find house, gqom, amapiano and many more musical content on the website. Visit Hitvibes download section of the website to find free downloads, paid downloads, stream and many more.

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