How To Download South African Music

This is an information for those that may need to know how to access music in South Africa, both free or paid.

An Introduction To Music Download In South Africa

It is generally illegal to download music online in South Africa, however there are some artists that frequently release their music for free download which makes it possible to download some selected musical content because they have been made available to the public for free, some of those artists include DJ Maphorisa, Kabza De Small, MFR Souls and generally most South African House, Amapiano and Gqom music rising artists.

Most radio and club DJs also release mixes and mixtapes from time to time and for some reasons these are offered for free downloads, it could be for promotional reasons and it could be because they do not have the rights to sell the compilation, mixtapes or mixes often include songs from many different artists that has not given the DJ rights to distribute the music and make financial benefits from it.

DJs also sample or mix music from other music artists in order to create their own, in cases like this, they only have rights to sell or distribute music created by sampling another song if the owner of the original song had granted the rights to do so. Mixtapes are mostly meant to serve as promotional means for the featured artists and the DJ offering the mixtape.

When artist release music for free download and you are able to confirm that it is a free download, you can be rest assured that you are not doing anything illegal concerning the download, but when you download a song that is meant to be paid for, then you may be violating someone’s copyright and risk legal consequences that may come with it.

The fact that you are offered song(s) for free download does not mean you own all rights to the song. You have only listening rights, all other rights still belongs to the creator or whomever he/she have signed a deal of distribution/ownership with. Find out everything you need to know about South African music download and streaming below:

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