Why Free Music Downloads Is So Popular In South Africa

Why Do People Look For Free Music Downloads?

The sad truth is that some people do visit illegal music download sites even though they are fully aware that it is illegal to download copyrighted material. Still, most people who visit illegal music downloads in South Africa actually do not know it is illegal.

Since they have paid for the data used in downloading the music, many feel like they are actually supporting the artist. Still, in reality, artists do not get paid for these free downloads by the telecommunication companies for using data to download unauthorized music.

Another reason is that some people cannot afford the monthly subscription on digital music streaming platforms, or they cannot afford mobile phones/gadgets that are powerful enough to operate the streaming applications.

Frequent music listeners that visit free download sites in South Africa are within the age of 14-24, most people in this age range are students that cannot afford to use their extra money on music, another option for them would be to wait for the radio stations to play the music they love which may never happen if their favourite artist is not a mainstream artist.

Let’s not leave the fact that some people download free music in South Africa just because they can and know the consequences are not seriously enforced. Since they can get away with illegal download without being punished, they don’t bother to buy or verify the legal, even if they can afford it.

Another factor contributing to illegal download is that many artists release music for free download, and it can be hard to differentiate music released for free download from paid streaming or download. Free music and ones meant to be bought mixed on the free music download website.

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