Why Some South African Music Artists Release Songs And Albums For Free Download

In South Africa, some artists release music for free download, but why would an artist release music for free download when he is not making any money from it?

Some artists have identified that some of their fans may not be able to afford their music, and there are so many reasons for that; this could be because of the expensive internet data charges, their phone is not the new generation type that can handle streaming services, or they can’t afford the monthly subscription for most streaming services.

Artists that are not mainstream also don’t get played on radio stations, so that option is not even there for the upcoming artists to showcase their talent. Instead, they need to find ways to reach their audience and attract new ones.

For these stated and many more reasons, artists may decide to release music for free download or both free and paid downloads so that the ones who cannot afford to buy or who are not aware they exist would also gain access to the music.

Most established artists rarely release music for free download, the reason being that they have enough audience that would buy their music, they also have big enough media coverage to promote their music, not to mention that they have a huge amount of followers on social media which makes it easier for them to reach their target audience.

Established artists also feel like they have done all the groundwork and hard labour to attain mainstream status. Most established artists started by offering their music for free download then stop when they gained popularity. However, a few still offer music for free download after attaining that mainstream status because they recognize that not everyone can afford the music, and they like to reach everyone.

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