Busta 929 – She For The Streets

“She For The Streets” is a solo track from Busta 929, featured on his “Sgubhu Se Monate” EP. The track has a mellow, laid-back vibe that is characteristic of Amapiano music. The song features a smooth instrumental with a catchy melody that is easy to vibe to. Busta 929’s vocals add to the track’s chill vibe, as he sings about a woman who he believes is destined for the streets.

The lyrics are simple and straightforward, with Busta 929 singing about the woman’s love for the fast life and how she is not interested in settling down. The song’s message is relatable to many young people who are just looking to have fun and live life to the fullest. The song is a perfect addition to any Amapiano playlist and showcases Busta 929’s versatility as a producer and artist. “She For The Streets” is a solid track that is sure to be a fan favorite.

She For The Streets

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