DJ Ice Flakes – WeekendFix 66

DJ Ice Flakes – WeekendFix 66

South African music producer DJ Ice Flakes serves you your weekend fix of good vibes with his “WeekendFix 66” offering, which you can stream here and now.

The musician’s name is rarely associated with singles. It’s a mix, week in and week out. Oh no, that is not a complaint. On the contrary, we actually love what he has put together, and we are sure you will like it as well.

DJ Ice Flakes has nothing to do with ice – certainly not in a negative sense. But when it comes to dropping mixes that keep boredom at bay, you can always count on him to do the job.

“WeekendFix 66” is a hot offering – hot enough to keep you warm for a long time and even motivate you to always keep your eyes peeled for what DJ Ice Flakes might release next. Go ahead and tap the play button and let the music begin

WeekendFix 66

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