Dlala Regal – Mpolaye Ft. Maximum & Cowboy

Dlala Regal makes a royal return to UbeToo with a tune titled “Mpolaye,” featuring fellow South Africans Maximum and Cowboy. Except for the lead singer, the two other musicians have not popped into our orbit previously. But that’s by the way.

As should be evident presently, they did well as a team. So, beyond enjoying their splendid offering, chances are you would love what they might drop next – if they should decide to link up again.

Although amapiano is the genre of expression, the message of the song is potent enough to attract lovers of other genres and make them stick around after their first encounter. Therefore, we have no qualms counting “Mpolaye” as one song with which to make an entry into the weekend.

You’re welcome to find out why, if you please. YOu only have to tap the play button and let the music begin. The time starts now.

Dlala Regal – Mpolaye Ft. Maximum & Cowboy

File removed on 20th September, 2023. Click for new music
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