Kiddo CSA – Worldwide Eye EP

Fast-rising rapper Kiddo CSA has his eyes on the world, or so he makes apparent with a new body of work dubbed “Worldwide Eye,” Which you can stream here on UbeToo.

By his own admission, “Worldwide Eye” is an experimental project, and he emphasised that even in the execution, as the compilation itself. The sounds, he said, are from around the world and not some local well alone. On that count chances are, you’ll find something that will interest you.

The project beats exactly five tracks, beginning with “Breathe,”

And ending with “11 Hours to London.” Between those tracks are “Window,” “You’re Mine,” and “Miss Me.”

For this compilation, the songster featured just one guest artist – Monique Lawz. Kiddo CSA wanted to make the project about himself and at that he succeeded. His voice is what you hear the most throughout the project – a voice that charms and intrigues.

For an artist who might pass for a newbie in South Africa’s music universe, Kiddo CSA has put together a competition worth the listening time, and we are more than confident you will be enamoured with his bars. Go ahead and tap the play button and let the love affair begin. No qualms.


  1. Kiddo CSA – Breathe
  2. Kiddo CSA – Window (feat. Moniqué Lawz)
  3. Kiddo CSA – You’re Mine (feat. Moniqué Lawz)
  4. Kiddo CSA – Miss Me
  5. Kiddo CSA – 11 Hours to London
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