Mpho.Wav – Close To You Ft. Deena G

Mpho.Wav – Close To You Ft. Deena G

Music producer Mpho.Wav is back on our orbit with a new tune dubbed “Close To You,” featuring Deena G. What’s in a title? Can you guess the theme of this tune from the title alone?

We guess so, and more likely than not, you will be right in your guess. In this song, the two singers bring to us a theme we hear too often, that of love and relationship, But then, they spare the listener any drab breaks listening to it.

Yes, unlike most of what you get to listen to out there, there is no room for boredom with this song. From the very first verse down to the last, you observe creative confidence and great sonic energy at play.

For those unfamiliar with the two musicians, this song is more than enough encouragement to check out what next they might release. Well, until then, keep things “Close To You.”

Close To You