Umuthi – Buya ft. Mawelele & Makhosi

In response to recent news about Mawelele and Makhosi’s impending studio LP project, the fantastic artist Umuthi, who has recently been in top form, decided to light up the industry with a new song titled Buya featuring the top-tier performers and entertainers Mawelele and Makhosi. Umuthi’s decision to collaborate with Mawelele and Makhosi not only showcases his admiration for their talent but also highlights the synergy between these incredible artists.

With their combined expertise, “Buya” is bound to be a chart-topping hit that will leave fans eagerly anticipating the release of the studio LP project. They perform incredible vocals on the timeless love melody in a soft, serenading Afro-pop style, and a fitting music video is provided for the thronging audience. Buya features some of Umuthi’s strongest collaboration energy and merits on your playlists. The chemistry between the artists is palpable as they effortlessly harmonize and showcase their talents throughout the song. The infectious beats and catchy lyrics make Buya an instant crowd-pleaser, solidifying it as a must-listen track for any music lover.


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