Yung Nasa – Know My Name Ft. J Molley

“Know My Name” croons Yung Nasa in a new song featuring his pal and compatriot J Molley.

There are songs and there are songs, but there’s no denying that “Know My Name” will easily stand out from the songs out there. For one, it’s deeply personal.

Second, the two friends behind the song took time to make it. The song wasn’t rushed. Bar after bar, you can only nod, chuffed with what the friends have put together.

J Molley is a maestro of many numbers but hasn’t done much with Yung Nasa. That notwithstanding, he did great with his pal, and the result is only too apparent.

In fact, the song is so potent that the default reaction is to croon along and bawl for more at the end of it all.

There’s reason to believe that Yung Nasa and J Molley might release another number this year. Key among that reason is their closeness. Another reason is the musical synergy their share and the reactions to their latest drop so far.

Fans love the jam and have expressed the desire to see them on another. Well, until another drop, you’re welcome to rap into the fierce energy Yung Nasa and J Molley have unleashed.

Yung Nasa – Know My Name Ft. J Molley

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