Justin Bieber Set To Host Valentine’s Day Performance on TikTok

Canadian songster Justin Bieber is set to host an exclusive Valentine’s Day performance on TikTok.

The songster made this know in a recent tweet, letting his fans in on his plans for what is globally recognized as a day of love. He will reportedly perform his entire album, “Journals,” from 6pm PT. you can check out the tweet below.

The announcement of a show for the Tik Tok community has provoked great excitement for the celebrated Canadian’s fan’s globally, with some of them stating out loud they can’t wait to stream the show. It’s a virtual event, mind you, so fans don’t need to leave their homes.

By the way, Justin Bieber recently got the world talking when he acquired a Rolls Royce and customized it into something never before seen anywhere in the world, still maintaining the car’s heritage. The customization provoked mixed reactions online. Some fans had praise the idea while others had criticized it. But then the songster is in accord with himself.

Are you looking forward to Justin Bieber’s exclusive Valentine’s Day performance on TikTok? Why or why not? you might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below. Do.

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