Anele Mdoda Messed Up Alakhe’s Birthday Cup Cakes

Mzansi star Anele Mdoda messed up the cupcakes for her son Alakhe’s eighth birthday celebration.

Anele Mdoda celebrated her son Alakhe’s eighth birthday and her father’s birthday. The TV star took shared posts about the little man and also included one where she messed up his birthday cupcakes delivery.

She wrote, “ALAKHE’S cupcakes for his bday have arrived, and the soccer team requested as theme was Manchester City and the lovely lady with damn good cupcakes did Manchester United and now Alakhe thinks I did it to gwara him cause that’s my team. It’s pandemonium here in the manor and I’m 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 eat the cupcakes wethu.”

Her fans sympathized with her, while some urged her to send them to ones with the mistake. She shared more posts of Alake shading her and another one of him with her father. Her fans also wished the eight-year-old well and praised him for being such a cool kid.


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