#BBMzansi Housemates Compete For Veto Power On Day 50

Housemates compete for ultimate Veto Power on the 50th day of the show.

There is no denying the fact that the show has been everything it promised to be. With some of the best housemates to ever enter the house, the show has been entertaining to follow.

Day 50 came with shockers. Big Brother changed the usual HoH games into a nominations game. Later on, the housemates participated in an ultimate Veto Power challenge. They competed in a simple game of luck to get a chance at snagging the veto power to make it to and send someone to the top 5.

The housemates had to fish for marbles in the sand. When the marbles are found, they play them into a net. Themba, Sis Tamara, and got the highest scores finding and shooting two marbles into the net. Thato also got lucky with one. They will compete at a later day for the Veto Power.

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