#BehindTheVeil: Viewers Talk New Episode And Mandisa

The Wife Showmax. Viewers get to experience a new view into the lives of the Zulu brothers in a recent episode dubbed Behind the Veil. But, beyond the façade, what will viewers be able to uncover in the episode that has social media agog?

From the responses so far, it is evident that viewers are more than chuffed with this episode. Whether by design or accident of choice. The pairing of the wives with the brothers was considered excellent by most viewers,

According to them, each wife has great chemistry with the Zulu brother he was paired with, from Kanhyi Mbau to Zikhona Sodlaka to Naledi. Most viewers appear too focused on Naledi’s physical comeliness, however.

For Mandisa (played by Zikhona Sodlaka), it is a mixed bag. Some viewers thought he was awesome and captured the essence of her character, as depicted in the book from which the soapie was adopted. However, some think that she is one woman who failed to grasp what it means to be a Zulu wife and ended up causing conflict among the Zulu brothers.

At any rate, most comments point to viewers having had a wonderful time with the latest episode that took them behind the veil.

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