Big Sean Reveals That ‘Detroit 2’ Is ‘Pretty Much Done’

Three years have almost passed since the popular American rapper, Big Sean released an album. However, he is almost set to release a new project.

During an Instagram Live session with DJ Khaled, the talented rapper updated us on the progress of his highly-anticipated project titled ‘Detroit 2.’ This is a follow-up to his ‘I Decided’ which was released in 2017.

Big Sean said while he sat in the studio:

It’s pretty much done though. I’m just putting final touches on it.

DJ Khaled urged him to further fill us with details about how many songs we should be expecting in his upcoming album and the names of artists that will be featuring on it. Big Sean didn’t reveal the names of his featured artists but he hinted that he has a J Dilla beat on the project which is all thanks to Common.

Big Sean said:

It’s really about the music, who accents the music. Some artists make a specific kind of music and one sound, but I like to be versatile. It is versatility, so the album is definitely not just one sound.

The award-winning rapper also talked about the cover art which has been prepared. He revealed that he had texted the artwork to some of his friends in the hip hop industry, such as Travis Scott, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar.

He further said:

I’m happy, I’m excited. But more so than the cover, the music gon’ speak for itself.

Big Sean’s goal for the project, which is a sequel to his mixtape ‘Detroit’ released in 2012, is to ‘uplift and inspire.’

Big Sean revealed:

I’m praying that this album touches people and we blessed enough to see success.

My thing is, I want people to feel the vibration of it and rise to their success though, more so than anything…The most satisfying thing is to see the people who you helped along the way change the world with you.”

Big Sean hasn’t revealed the official release date of his long-awaited album but he stated that he was in the mixing stage and is currently working on some touches.

The talented rapper released the trailer for his fifth album in March. This features appearances from notable artists such as Post Malone, A$AP Rocky, Ty Dolla $ign, Young Thug, and Jhene Aiko.” Big Sean also previewed some of his new music. This includes a track from the icon, titled ‘Human Nature.’

Big Sean plans on launching a record label and sign some Detroit artists when his album has been released.

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