Black Motion Celebrates Ten Years In The Music Industry With Upcoming Album

Black Motion set to drop new album to celebrate 10 years in the music industry

to drop new album in celebration to their 10 years in the music industry.

We dont know if you’ve heard, is celebrating a whopping 10 years in the music industry. Wow. The duo seems to be rising from height to height, and it’s been quite amazing to follow.

For sometime now, they’ve been announcing an upcoming album just to celebrate their time in the SA music industry. From what we hear, they’re already done with the album. They could be dropping it anytime from now. Also, today is a big day for them, and you might know a thing about it.

The “Uwrongo” hit makers announced they’re playing a two-hour show Live on the Telkom Plus Platform in celebration of Youth Day. Although they are yet to announce a date for the release of the album, we know it is dropping soon. We will keep you posted about it.

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