Foreigners & Crime In Mzansi: Here’s Why Bedfordview Is Trending

Mzansi reacts as recent occurrences in Bedfordview dominate social media.

If you’ve paid close attention to the trends today, you’d notice that Bedfordview has been trending for a while now. Everyone seems to have an opinion about what’s going on but it seems to be deeper than it looks.

It all began when EFF’s Battalion 55 tweeted about illegal foreigners who are terrorizing places in Mzansi. He tweeted a photo of an illegal foreigner called Radovan Krejcir who has allegedly killed and terrorized people in Bedfordview and Gauteng. In the tweet, he slammed the #PutSouthAfricaFirst campaigners for not saying a word about it. According to him, there are many illegal foreigners from Europe, Asia, and America who are doing the same things in the country.

In another tweet, he continued alleging that there are drug factories run by foreigners from Eastern Europe and called on the #OperationDudula to go and check them out. The tweets have brought about various reactions on social media.

Several Twitter users have wondered why the EFF would want #OperationDudula to do something about a situation that they can also help handle. Some have asked why the police have not been involved. Battalion has been slammed for not taking action but rather reporting what he knows to social media. Many have also questioned the purpose of #OperationDudula.

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