Fans React to Minnie Dlamini Allegedly Paying Quinton Jones R480K In Spousal Support

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Fans have reacted to filmmaker Minnie Dlamini allegedly paying her ex-husband Quinton Jones R480k in spousal support.

Minnie Dlamini has been blowing up the trends this year following her divorce from ex-husband Quinton Jones and their child custody battle. We first got a hint of the battle when she revealed that “someone” was trying to take a child away from his mother.

It was later announced that her ex-Jones was fighting for full custody of their son and asking for a lot of money in spousal support. Fans commented that it had been his plan all along. Minnie has since kept mum about it all.

According to recent reports, Minnie Dlamini allegedly paid Quinton R480k in spousal support. Mzansi has reacted to the news in various ways. Some called Jones a “smart” man, while some have praised Minnie for having so much money.

kushmamirsa wrote,

“Lol, nah Minnie is a grootman, girl’s pockets are clearly deep. Idc about that baddie she married. I’m proud that she’s done that well for herself and has dropped the dead weight to keep pushing.”

MafReshho also reacted,

“I think that guy had money problems even before marrying her and never disclosed.. he used her as his pawn and she fell for it bcos she loved him.”