“I Don’t Need Anyone’s Validation,” Cassper Nyovest On Forthcoming “AMN” Album

Cassper Nyovest speaks on his forthcoming album, AMN and says he doesn't need anyone's approval

speaks on forthcoming album “Any Minute Now” and says he doesn’t need anyone’s approval.

If anyone knows Cassper Nyovest, then they know he’s all about his own approval. The rapper has been bullied so much on social media, that he’s grown a thick skin to everything people say.

He previously hinted on not dropping any new music before the release of his album in September. That’s really big confidence. The “Good For That” rapper has also been talking a lot about the upcoming album, and hyping his verses on it. After a fan told him to dial down his confidence and take fan feedback on the album instead, he replied saying he doesn’t really need it.

According to him, he’s gotten to a point in his career where he doesn’t really need anyone’s validation for his work. Of course, he listed some of his achievements to prove that he’s great at what he does.