“I’m The One Who Got Anatii To Rap In Xhosa”- AKA

AKA stated that he advised Anatii to also rap in Xhosa.

Award-winning South African rapper, AKA, said in a recent interview that he was the one who got Anatii to rap in Xhosa. The rapper revealed that he advised Anatii  not to rap only in English.

The Fela in Versace hit-maker stated that he had called Yanga Chief to activate the Xhosa juice in Anatii. He also revealed that Yanga Chief wrote the Xhosa part in the song, ’10 Fingers,’ where featured Anatii.


You know I’m the one who got Anatii to rap in Xhosa? I’m the one who said ‘dude, why are you rapping in English, rap in your language.’ Do you know that Yanga actually wrote ‘Akabambeki kana hayi lowo Ubambelela on the styrofoam’… Yanga wrote that cause I called Yanga and I was like ‘Yo, please can you respect this man’s juice?

The talented rapper further explained that he sees Anatii as one of his little brothers and Anatii has got great respect for him, even though they did not like each other at such a point.


That time I spent time with Anatii, he really embraced it. Can you hear the artist he is today?


is a top rapper that encourages his fellow rappers to transform the South African hip hop scene. Recently, AKA had praised Nasty C, stating that he would be the next ‘him’ and take South Africa hip hop far. This was after Nasty C got invited amongst foreign celebrities to grace the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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