Julius Malema Trends As Mzansi Debates His Impact In SA

EFF leader, Julius Malema trends on Twitter as Mzansi debates his impact in the country as compared to Nhlanhla Lux.

It has become a routine to see the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Malema trending on Twitter every week. This time, he seems to be trending for several reasons. While it is March 21, another day to remember the SharpeVille Massacre (dating back to 1960), many have pushed Malema as the only true voice fighting for Black people in the country.

Followers of the EFF have shared videos of Malema giving speeches to prove that he means well for Black people all over the country. Most have also snatched the opportunity to compare him to another person, Nhlanhla Lux who has been pushing to free Mzansi from the grip of foreigners.

Followers of Malema claim that everything he does is for the benefit of the people. According to them, he rules one of biggest political parties in the country, and the people who do not believe in him are “sellouts”.

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