L’Tido Exposes Sean Pages for Stalking His Ex-Girlfriend

Love can make us do things which, in retrospect, we might be ashamed or embarrassed to admit we did. Well, this might be the case in the life of hip hop champ L-Tido’s friend Sean Pages.

In a recent tweet, revealed that Sean Pages, after he broke up with his girlfriend, stalked her to know whether she has a new lover.

According to the songster who has been lying low musically but made it to Stogie T’s Friday in May, literally parked close to the house of his ex for a week and monitored it with binoculars to determine is she has a new boyfriend.

On Twitter, L-Tido’s words provoked great mirth at Sean Pages’s expense. Annoyed, the songster told his friend to take down the tweet, but refused. So the cackles of mirth on continues.

By the way, what is that crazy thing you did when you broke up with someone you loved insanely – when someone you love fiercely broke up with you? Peeps out there might want to learn from your experience.

Well, what do you make of L-Tido’s exposé and Sean Pages’s reaction? You might wish to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.