L’vovo Slams Govt’s Silence While Speaking Out Against Human Trafficking

L’vovo blasts Governement for their silence while speaking out against human trafficking.

The topic of human trafficking and Gender Based Violence in Mzansi have gained so much traction on social media in the past few days. While many have been speaking out and taking a stand against them, most have accused the Governemt of not doing enough.

Award-winning musician, L’vovo now joins the charge as he speaks out against human trafficking and urges the people to come together and fight.

The Mzansi star sent out a series of tweets, blasting the Government for keeping silent about it. He also called the Police minister, out saying he usually only appears when issues involving illegal sales of alcohol arise.

He also stated that human trafficking in the country is part of a more organised crime syndicate. L’vovo called on the people to come together and fight while stressing that no politician will help.

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