Majorsteez & AKA – Smooth Operator

Majorsteez & AKA – Smooth Operator

MajorSteez, the dynamic duo, has recently been making waves in the South African Hip Hop scene. Their latest release, “Smooth Operator,” featuring the late rap icon Kiernan AKA Forbes, has further solidified their position in the industry.

The song’s release was not just a significant moment for the brothers but also a dream come true. Interestingly, AKA had previously shown interest in purchasing the single, indicating the track’s potential and value. As MajorSteez continues to gain traction and garner a larger fan base, “Smooth Operator” stands as a pivotal point in their musical journey.

 A Glimpse Behind the Scenes of “Smooth Operator”

MajorSteez Shares Memories with AKA and Friends

Before the official release of “Smooth Operator,” rap duo MajorSteez, consisting of Steez and Sandile, gave fans a sneak peek into their collaboration with the late rapper AKA. They took to their social media platforms, sharing a clip where they played the song to AKA’s then-girlfriend, Nadia Nakai, Robot Boii, and rapper Zingah. This intimate moment captured the excitement and anticipation surrounding the song. Recorded in August, the track is a testament to the strong bond and mutual respect between MajorSteez and AKA. As the song hits the airwaves, it serves as a beautiful memory of the talent and camaraderie shared between the artists.

Smooth Operator