Makhadzi Misses “Rhythm City” Gig Over Record Label Disputes

“Murahu” star Makhadzi has lost out on a gig due to an ongoing dispute with her record label Open Mic Productions.

The songstress was to have performed on the popular soapie Rhythm City but did not show up at the last minute, forcing the those behind the soapie to look for an alternative.

Makhadzi is yet to comment on why she failed to appear on the show for which she had been booked. Will she make a statement eventually? Her fans are keen watching.

B the way, Makhadzi isn’t the first artiste not to show up for the show for which she has been booked. Now and then artistes fail to show up, sometimes leading to outrage from show promoters.

Many excuses are often given for no-show. In South Africa, some artistes have claimed to have gotten lost on the road, unable to get a vehicle, etc. in Makhadzi;s case it is a contract dispute.

Hopefully they resolve that soon and the songstress gets to perform again. Makhadzi had previously performed on SABC-2’s Muvhango

Well, what do you think of Makhadzi’s “no-show”? you may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below. Way to go!

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