Mass Condemnations As Ayanda Thabethe Frolicks With Married Man In Dubai

South African television personality Ayanda Thabethe continues to catch grenades over her relationship with a married man named Peter Matsimbe. 

The lovebirds are currently gallivanting in Dubai, with the media personality taking a break to go skydiving. 

“Extremely disgusting!” snapped one angry Twitter user who oukdnt come to terms with Ayanda frolicking with a married man. Maybe the disgust wouldn’t have been so pronounced if the media personality had not denied in early May that she was dating a married man. 

Back then, besides saying she wasn’t dating a married man, she had declaimed that she would never have a child for one. 

It turned out her words contrast markedly with what she does behind closed doors. In a couple of posts on Instagram days ago, she had exposed herself as dating Matsimbe when she shared a clip of a cake with the businessman’s name on it and also wished him a happy birthday. 

While it rains condemnations on Ayanda Thabethe, Matsimbe’s wife is getting great sympathy from the public, with many peeps imagining what she would be going through at the moment. 

So far, Ayanda appears immune to the storm of condemnations over her action, however. It remains to be seen how far she’d go with Matsimbe.

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