Mfana Kah Gogo Asks For Prayers After Horrific Car Accident

An accident is something many people would rather not be involved in. But then, as the saying goes, wishes are rarely ever the reality of life. Life happens and people find themselves the victims of accidents.

That was exactly the case with Mfana Kah Gogo, who recently had an accident.  seeks prayers after surviving a car accident. The “Gibela” singer is more than happy to have survived the accident and has asked members of the public to join him in prayers after his survival.

Giving a clue about what really went down, the amapiano singer noted that he was on his way to a gig with his team when the accident occurred. He said that he had a few scratches but no serious injuries. He also noted that the producers and DJs were pretty okay as well.

However, their driver wasn’t so fortunate, as he dislocated his shoulder and also lost his foot. He is therefore in serious pain and could do with the prayers from members of the public.

Trust Mzansi to rise to the occasion. Since he shared news of the accident, it has indeed been raining prayers and good wishes for the muso and members of his crew.

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