Mike Tyson Talks Bipolaar Disorder Diagnosis

This may not be the best of time for former boxing champion Mike Tyson, who is facing some health challenges. He had at least the boldness to confide in a trusted person about it.

In the recent episode of his Hotboxin With Mike Tyson, the former rig terror, who was famously known as Iron Mike, opened up to the neuroscientist Andre Huberman about his bipolar disorder diagnosis.

Of course, it wasn’t something he wished to have, but he picked a dangerous sport and a lot has happened in the ring when he was active, leading to many hospital visits to take care of one bodily issue or the other. But could this have been responsible for his current health crisis?

The celebrated boxer and the neuroscientist had a long conversation during which time Tyson’s scare was interrogated. Huberman revealed the causes of bipolar disorder during the sit-down and Mike Tyson confessed that he had been diagnosed with the same. The revelation took the researcher by surprise.

For one, he noted that he would not have put the boxer of those potentially suffering from bipolar disorder.

Anyway, despite the current health crisis, Mike Tyson has shown remarkable resilience of spirit, which has earned him praise from netizens.

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