Mzansi Empathetic As Linda Majola Laments Having To Shut Down Humble Cafe Over Inflation

People and businesses are going through a lot, but only a few of them are courageous enough to share their challenges and how the economy is affecting or has affected them one way or the other. One such person is the South African actor Linda Majola.

The actor, who runs the Humble Cafe, a food truck, had had to shut down over inflation. He shared his story in a recent tweet. Apparently, the inflation thing had been biting for a while until it became unbearable for the business and he had to shut down.

In his tweet, he noted that inflation is crippling not just for him but for other small business owners as well. It is terrible having to shut down the cafe – “all I’ve ever had” – but life happened and he had to take the decision. You can check out the tweet below.

South Africans showed up in his comment section to empathise with him and assure him that better days are just ahead so long as he refuses to give up.

While Linda Majola’s complaint is inflation, other small business owners, including Touch, have complained about affecting their businesses and forcing them to shut down.

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