Mzansi On Michelle Obama’s Local Outfit As She Visits South Africa

America’s former first lady Michelle Obama is in South Africa and all eyes are on her. Of particular interest to most people has been her ensemble so far. From the look of things, the former first lady was out to project South African culture with her outfits.

Of course, that is understandable, as notable personalities often do that in their bid to identify with the countries they visit. Michelle didn’t want to be the exception. She tagged along in that tradition, and she earned the admiration and applause of many South Africans.

According to reports, she rocked a Thebe Magudu dress. And as should be obvious from the responses so far, she looked good in it. You can check out the snaps below.


By the way, Michelle is in South Africa for some serious business and not to show off local attire. She, alongside human rights lawyer Amal Clooney and philanthropist Melinda French Gates, is in South Africa as part of the advocacy to end child marriage, as well as empower adolescent girls.

By the way, besides the brand mentioned earlier, she also wore the MaXhosa Showstopper, a multicoloured silk knit dress.

Funny – perhaps not – South Africans were focused on the items of clothing and not the advocacy.

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