Nasty C Responds To Whether He Would Change His Stage Name

Your Zulu man with some power Nasty C might have a name change soon. The songster recently spoke about that, letting fans know that it is already in his plans. He is merely waiting for the right opportunity to do so.

Nasty C recently released a new album dubbed “I Love It Here” and discussed the same project and several other aspects of his life and career during a sit-down with Old Man Ebro. He spoke about the album and also gave insights into his current stage name, Nasty C.

The rapper noted that he might change the name to Ivyson in the future. He is merely waiting for the right time to do so. When that time comes, he would rebrand to the name.

The revelation had many people wondering whether he had not shot himself on the fit by revealing the potential change. For one, they argued that people might now adopt the name across social media platforms, giving him no chance to take the exact username “Ivyson” on social media platforms.

Anyway, the songster has made his decision, He can as well find a way around that issue. You can check out the video interview with Ebro below.

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