Ntukza Shares Why He’s Proud Of His Song “Long Road To Freedom” (K.O. Diss)

Mzansi rapper Ntukza has shared why he’s proud of his joint “Long Road To Freedom” (K.O. Diss).”

Earlier this year, Mzansi rapper K.O had everyone talking about his “Freestyle 23,” on which he unburdened himself and spoke about his relationship with Ntukza. Ntukza had gained fame alongside K.O and Ma-E during the Teargas era.

The freestyle was well-received by fans. Ntukza dished a reply as “Long Road To Freedom” (K.O. Diss), but the joint was not felt by fans. He recently took to social media to defend the song and hype himself.

He said, “I will never stop posting this song on my pages the way I’m filled with pride for LR2F. I’m enjoying the words written about this song so so much, I’ll post about this song FOREVER. It’s such a treasure to my solo career to be amplified like this by the world over a song I did.”

“I’ll hype myself about it over & over, I’m really super surprised that I created this Giant of a piece of work. I’ll post it whenever I want, an achievement & a big highlight of 2023 I never expected at all. I’m inspired by my own work! I’m overwhelmed by what the world has been writing about this song..”

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