Pro’s Brother DJ Citi Lyts Urges Fans To Stop Buying The ‘Dankie San’ Merch

Pro's brother, DJ Citi Lyts says fans should stop purchasing the "Dankie San" merch

PRO’s brother, DJ Citi Lyts urges fans to stop buying the famous Dankie San merch. Here’s why.

Late Mzansi rapper, Pro is an icon in the SA music industry, and especially in Hip-hop. Even in his death, the Hip-hop community continues to miss him and his impact is still clear in all ramifications.

While he was alive, he delivered one of the most acclaimed albums in SA Hip-hop history, “Dankie San”. The album was so big that merches had to be created for it. However, they stopped being sold after he died. Sadly, some people are still creating replicas of the merch and selling them.

Pro’s brother, DJ Citi Lyts recently took to Twitter to urge fans not to purchase them saying they haven’t approved any. A recent tribute was held in honour of the Kasi Rap king on SABC 1 and it featured various rappers including AKA, Omen, Buks and more.

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