ProVerb Speaks On Attempted Suicide After His Ex-Wife Cheated

Once upon a time, South African musician was suicidal. His first wife had cheated on him and he just couldn’t bear the thought that someone he trusted would do that to him.

The songster revealed this much in his memoir The Book of Proverb. The songster was married to Onalerona for 10 years. But the marriage failed because she cheated.

He only became aware of the cheating, according to him, after a journalist called to know about his wife’s trip with notable businessman Edwin Sodi. After a brief separation, the pair had gone for counseling and then opted for a formal divorce.

He revealed in the same book that he felt like a failure following the divorce and seeing his wife and children leave to start a new life.

The pain was pretty deep, and one day he stopped a t three different pharmacies and bought painkillers from them all. He had to buy from three pharmacies in order not to raise suspicion on what he wanted to do with the painkillers.

He swallowed all the pills with a bottle of wine. But it wasn’t exactly his time to die. His brother found him and took him to the hospital.

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