Reason Believes Stogie T Needs More Recognition Than Most Rappers

Popular South African rapper, Reason, believes that comparing Stogie T with other South African rappers is disrespectful.

The talented rapper stated that the ‘Pretty Flowers’ hitmaker contributed to the success of most Mzansi rappers, including himself.

Some of Reason’s fans praised him for defending Stogie T. The ‘Wu-Tang’ hitmaker responded to a tweet where people were asked to choose their G.OA.T (greatest of all time) amongst Stogie T, Zakwe and him.

Reason responded to the tweet:

By the way, I truly appreciate this tweet & it’s intentions, but please, let’s never disrespect @TumiMolekane like this ever again. This n***a been in the game so long he paved ways for rappers like me and @ZakweSA. And he’s still outchea Out-rapping your faves in his Porsche.

When a Twitter user explained that he just gave his opinion without intending to hurt Stogie T, Reason replied:

It was not an option. It was a question of comparison…which is disrespectful.

Some of Reason’s followers have taken to the comment section to commend their favourite star for standing up for Stogie T.

A fan wrote:

I hear you reason, respect to Stogie…But From my point, y’all 3 (@Reasonhd @ZakweSA & @TumiMolekane) are keeping classic lyrical rap alive…don’t get me wrong your hip hop sound has adapted with the times but a lot about what you choose to rap about is heartfelt stuff.

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