Sammie Heavens Posts Prenatal Test

Sammie Heavens Points To Nasty C As Her Rap Inspiration

Sammie Heavens shares prenatal test and conversation with her man Nasty C.

For as long as we have known them, Nasty C and Sammie Heavens have always been in each other’s spaces. Fans have always longed to hear about them tying the knot or having kids together.

We weren’t really surprised when the “There They Go” star announced in a freestyle that they were expecting their first child. To confirm the news, Sammie took to her Instagram page and shared a reply by Nasty C asking, “are you fat or pregnant” after she sent him a photo of her tummy.

In the next slide, she shared a photo of the prenatal test that showed she was pregnant. The couple has been together since high school, and Nasty C’s fame has only brought them closer. Fans and fellow celebs have taken to the comments section to congratulate them on the news.