Saudi Highlights What Makes “The Drips Leak” Mixtape Different From Others

Saudi explains what differentiates his mixtape from that of other artists.

After Saudi was absent from the music scene for over a year without a music release, the musician surprised his fans by releasing a Mixtape last week which is titled, ‘The Drips Leak.’

Fans of the talented rapper have been gushing over his mixtape, not only because they had been anticipating a release from their favourite artist, but also because they cannot enough of ‘The Drips Leak.’The Drips Leak’ is made up of 13 songs. Saudi has described the mixtape as a depiction of his great lyricism, arsenal, and versatility.

While explaining what differentiates his art from the rest, Saudi wrote:

Today artists drop their own mixtapes with the desire to finish sour album deals signed with an entity they no longer want to be in a business with. A Mixtape is to let listeners learn more about the artist.

In my case everything I have and will create is completely different. I use it as a platform to showcase my arsenal, versatility and best lyricism, invent new ways to the sport and lifestyle I’ve committed my life to.

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