Saudi Jumps On Emtee and Ambitiouz Entertainment Feud

Saudi reacts to Emtee's twar with Ambitiouz Entertainment

Saudi reacts to Emtee and his former label, Ambitiouz Entertainment’s twar.

You need not ask how “Waves” rapper, Emtee really feels about his former label, Ambitiouz Entertainment. The two have been exchanging subs on Twitter for a while now. Literally every one on the platform has caught a whiff of their war.

Although the label has been accused of treating some their former artists badly, not all the artists have a problem with them. Saudi, who also left them this year reacted to their twar with Emtee. According to him, he has nothing against them. This may come as a shock to many but it could mean that they did not all face the same troubles. He wrote,

IDK why? Me n Kgosi cool as hell but i guess its for they PR, good PR all yall shittin on em heavy rn.. i dont hate them or Kgosi but they at my patna neck injure 1 injure all my bible so I hate that and the fact that JayBoo still with them validates them claiming me.. but watevz

According to recent reports, Emtee sued Ambitiouz to court for withholding his awards, and some of his royalties dating back to 2015. The rapper and his lawyer confirmed the suit but the label has refused to comment on it.

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