Sbahle Mzizi At 6: Ntando Duma Throws Daughter Birthday Bash Of Her Dreams – See Photos

Actress Ntando Duma’s daughter Sbahle Mzizi recently turned 6 and her mother spared no expense to celebrate her and show just how much she adores the kid.

It was a kiddies affair, as many of Sbahle Mzizi’s kid friends trooped to the venue of the birthday party to celebrate with her. She took time to take photos with all the kids that showed up for her. Her mother shared those precious moments on her Instagram page.

In one of the posts she shared, Ntando Duma described her daughter as a “precious light” and noted that she threw the kid the birthday bash of her dreams. What exactly the dreams are is left for everyone to deduce from the event itself.

But one thing was clear: it was a memorable moment for Sbhale Mzizi and she looked happy throughout the occasion, as you can see from the pictures below.

Sbahle Mzizi’s birthday comes just after another milestone = her mother setting up a kiddies salon in her (Sbahle’s) name. It was a dream she had always wanted to achieve, and she was beyond chuffed when she achieved it.

By the way, Sbahle is the product of Ntando Duma’s relationship with Junior De Rocka.

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